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Monday, 5 September 2016

Champone C1 Next Sale Date, First Sale Date has been Postponed

Here comes the controversy just  before the launch, there is no doubt in saying this will be exact copy of freedon 251. Millions of people waiting for this champone c1 flash saledate, but as expected they postponed the sale. So many people have completed their registration process by paying 51Rs, due to their technical reasons champone c1 sale postponed. Now the Champone C1 next sale date is yet to be announced. Rumors are already been out like they cancelled the registrations of every person, even my registration has been cancelled without any prior notice. Looks like they might dump this 501Rs flash sale. Here you can find out the champone C1 next sale date with all the details.
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If you don’t we are yet Flipshope are providing auto-buy feature to this smartphone, we have been waiting for so many days to provide this auto-buy service to our customers. I personally apologize for what happened with this champone c1 mobile site. You can find the champone C1 next sale date from this article. We will surely update this one.

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Champone C1 Next Sale Date:

The actual champone c1 sale date is supposed to begin on 2nd of September at 11 AM, but exactly 10 hours before the sale they updated their site by saying “We appreciate your interest and faith with ChampOne India, due to some technical glitches the Flash Sale is postponed till further notification. We will be Back Soon” That means the sale isn’t gonna take for up to one week. Because they need to begin the registration process again and have to announce the champone c1 next sale date. This process will take more than one week.

Champone C1 Next Sale Date will be update here

Is Champone C1 a Fake Sale or Not..?

We can’t judge this yet, as it might happen because of technical reasons too, they listed various products like TV’s powerbanks and tablets in their site. This means they are just looking for publicity with this 501rs mobile sale. But the main question is why did they postponed..? We don’t know the exact reason but if you think of any news let’s jump in the comments so we all can discuss.


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